Bogey Hills Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Prayer Guide


Sample Prayer Guide

Adapted from Powerful Prayer for Every Family by Dr. Greg Frizzell


  1. Spend a few minutes in praise and thanksgiving.
    1. Praise and thank Him for His characteristics:  Love, mercy, power, grace, faithfulness, etc


  1. Praise and thank Him for His blessings and answered prayer.
    1. Salvation, health, finances, guidance, strength, etc.


  1. Embrace a time of repentance, confession and yielding to Christ’s lordship. 
    1. Ask God to search your heart and reveal any hidden sin.
    2. Ask God, “Is there anything wrong in my life?  Is there anything I need to change?”


  1. Spend a few moments interceding for Kingdom issues.
    1. Pray for the salvation of lost people
    2. Pray for spiritual growth in your family
    3. Pray for your church and pastor
    4. Pray for Powell Terrace Food Pantry
    5. Pray for our missionaries and other ministries


  1. Spend a few moments praying for personal and family needs (petition/supplication).
    1. Pray that God would protect you and your family:  Protection from harm, evil, illness
    2. Pray for the needs of you and your family:  Finances, wisdom, strength, healing, for godly spouses, etc.


  1. Be sure to listen to God by meditating on His word.
    1. What is He telling you to do?
    2. What steps do you need to take in order to be obedient to Him?